Wed Sep 17 08:21:30 CDT 2003

from Mary:
Because of my interest in developing a site for grasses of the world, I
am curious about this letter. Am I right in guessing that almost no one
is posting information? From a few other discussions that I have had,
this is a major problem for those trying to do what you are doing.

Dear Mary,
and other who like to start your own small "taxacom"....

The coleoptera list has about 600 members, with 50 to 100 messages per
month. It is working well from 1999 but do not work how I hope when I have
founded the forum.
Problem is that the most interesting researchers are not on list because
they are to busy with they own research and they are to busy to share the
Most of members posting messages only if they need something and only few
reply members help to solve the problem (and mostly the same bunch of
members who are helpers).
Many members is only sitting, maybe they try to learn something from
questions and answers..?I do not know
When I have started the forum I was in hope that will be more informative
forum. The Taxacom is for all taxonomist and send information about recently
published papers or some higher taxonomical changes info for only small
bunch like coleopterists to all taxonomist will be unfair..., therefore I
have started small "Taxacom" for coleopterists....

I could be happy, many others specialised forum have only a few messages per
year... but I like to have more friendly forum....
(Few days ago I have discovered that some Turkish guy, unknown to me,
registered over hundreds forums.. for each coleopterous family separately...
and have only membership of himself an his few friends...)


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