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veldkamp Veldkamp at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Thu Sep 18 15:50:30 CDT 2003

Looking for the use of 'wandae' as in Platycerium wandae Raciborsky
(Pteridophyte) I found Stangea wandae Graebn. in Urban, Bot. Jahrb. Syst.
37 (1906) 448.
This does not explain Raciborski's use of 'wandae', but shows a light on
Graebner's family life:

Stangea is for Stange, his wife's family.

OK, why not.

But now the species:

S. henrici for his father-in-law
S. emiliae for his mother-in-law
S. erikae for his wife
S. paulae for her sister
S. wandae for her sister and friend (!)

Thought you'd like to know.

Any suggestions for the use by Raciborski?

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