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Hymenoptera Tree-of-Life Grant
(sub-project on Phylogeny of Chalcidoidea)

Position:               Postdoctoral Research Associate
                12-month, renewable based on performance (5 year grant).

Location:       University of California, Riverside

Salary:         $30,000 plus benefits

Start:          January 2003

Education: Ph.D. in entomology with experience in morphological and
molecular systematics; preferably with a specialization in
Chalcidoidea or other micro-Hymenoptera.

Responsibilities: Coordinate gathering and analysis of morphological
and molecular data for project on higher relationships of
Chalcidoidea with an international group of collaborators. The focus
of research will be on resolution of relationships at the subfamily
level in Chalcidoidea, coordinated with an overall program on the
phylogeny of Hymenoptera. Postdoctoral research will emphasize the
evaluation of morphological characters, but also the designation and
tracking of voucher material for all chalcidoid studies. Individuals
will be strongly encouraged to pursue independent projects on the
systematics of Chalcidoidea. Support is included for national and
international meetings, study with researchers abroad, and field

Applications: Applicants should send: 1) complete curriculum vitae,
2) statement of goals and research interests, 3) selected reprints,
4) transcripts, and 5) three names for recommendation (email
addresses or letters) to:

        Dr. John M. Heraty
        Department of Entomology
        University of California
        Riverside, CA 92521

        phone:  1-909-787-6351
        fax:    1-909-787-6351
        email:  john.heraty at ucr.edu

Deadline: December 8, 2003 or until filled.
Please note that I will be away from the office from October 24-30
(ESA meetings) and November 1-December 7 (India).

UCR is an equal opportunity employer

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