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From:                   Adrian Rissone <A.Rissone at NHM.AC.UK>
Subject:                TDWG 2003 Annual Meeting - Call for Papers

This is a call for papers and posters for the TDWG Annual Meeting
to be held in October 2003 at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia,
Oeiras, Lisboa, Portugal. Please see the meeting web site for


Titles and abstracts (up to 200 words) should be submitted *as soon
as possible* to the Programme Coordinator (Adrian Rissoné
<A.Rissone at nhm.ac.uk>). Indicate whether you are willing to make
your final contribution available on the TDWG website (for example,
as a PowerPoint document). Presentations should not exceed 30
minutes. In previous years it has been necessary to reduce this time
to 20 minutes so please design presentations to be shortened easily
if required.

Please try to make your contribution relevant to the primary themes
of the meeting, which has special emphasis on Taxonomic Names,
interoperability, and the provision of data via the Web.

Papers or posters addressing collaboration and interoperability
would be welcome, papers on "my cool website" or "the status of
informatics at my institution" less so (unless directly addressing
"lessons learned" and how to move forward).

Looking forward to seeing you in Portugal, regards,

Adrian Rissone
A.Rissone at nhm.ac.uk
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