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Dear friends
I am sorry to disturbe some of you, but I have to ask for help.
I prepare for final exam to get master degree in biology with major study on
an fish species (Red bandfish).
I urgently need some general informations on some WORLD interesting, or most
"important" fish taxonomists:
their names, country and time where they had lived and name of important
fish taxa related to their taxonomic efforts.
I have to start with true legends: Greek Aristotelus and Sweeden Linnaeus...

I don't know much about their contribution to fish taxonomy. Linnaeus is
probably author of many fish names or higher taxa.
How many taxa? Aristotel probably gave names to many higher taxa, too.
I searched web based fish catalogues through Interent ( etc.)
and I have found many frequently repeted names
but I realised that I don't have some comparative tool to find taxonomist
who more contributed to fish taxonomy system.
I know that there are many fish orders and other taxa so this effort is like
a question: how many ants live on old oak tree :-)
Can you help me with some suggestion? Who are authors of modern fish system?

I need informations (web pages addresses, book titles) about this, please.
Please send your messages to e-mail address below:
primust at

Thank you in advance.

Boze Kokan
Natural History Museum Split
Kolombatovicevo setaliste 2
21 000 Split

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