Homonymy (Insecta Coleoptera; Mammalia Rodentia)

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Thu Apr 1 03:35:26 CST 2004

Dear All,
there is a case of homonymy in family-group names resulting from similar
generic names (Art. 55.3. ICZN 4):

- Ctenodactylinae CASTELNAU, 1834 (sometimes ranked at tribal level "
Ctenodactylini" in Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae) based on the genus Ctenodactyla
DEJEAN, 1825
- Ctenodactylidae ZITTLE, 1893 (Mammalia Rodentia) based on the genus
Ctenodactylus GRAY, 1830

Both  names are currently in use as valid names so  the case "must be
referred to the Commission for a ruling to remove homonymy" (Art. 55.3.1.). Since the
junior homonym seems to be a well-known name in Mammalia,  I'd like to
contact an expert in Rodents. Or,  is there something like a Committee for Mammalian

Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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