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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Apr 1 07:34:01 CST 2004

At 07:24 2004-04-01, John Grehan wrote:
>At 05:32 PM 3/31/2004 -0800, Curtis Clark wrote:
>>At 22:04 2004-03-30, John Grehan wrote:
>>>>Cladistics is a method, not a type of data. Gary knows that. I'm guessing
>>>>that his error is based in the assumption that since early DNA work used
>>>>"phenetic" methods, nothing better exists.
>>>This is just conjecture.
>>Which part?
>That Gary does not understand DNA and that he is not familiar with current

Inasmuch as current methods include the very same methods used for
morphological cladistics, I would rather infer ignorance on his part than

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