Holly Leaf Minor

Rosalind Searle rosalind.searle at NTLWORLD.COM
Mon Apr 5 13:33:06 CDT 2004

I have a query from a biology student in Hawaii on a practical as set up in
the UK looking at the  K factor analysis and life history strategies of the
Holly Leaf Miner Phytomyza ilicis on Ilex aquifolium.

  Please can you suggest an alternative plant to
the holly to investigate.  There is a plant called
Hawaiian holly (Ilex anomala) which doesn't have the
scalloped edges or the spikes and has a black
berry/fruit.  You will remember that I'm currently
living in Hawaii.

This is the holly leaf miner experiment. Does anyone know whether Ilex
anomala has a corresponding parasite to the holly leaf miner and if so
whether it has a similar life cycle? I am afraid that I am completely
stumped by this one.

Any entomologists got any ideas?

Best wishes
Ros Searle

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