Three newly digitized works by N. J. Jacquin

Jim.Solomon at MOBOT.ORG Jim.Solomon at MOBOT.ORG
Thu Apr 8 15:16:59 CDT 2004

The Missouri Botanical Garden Library has digitized 3 rare works by famed
Austrian botanist, Nicolaus Joseph Jacquin.

Floræ Austriacæ
5 volumes, published 1773 - 1778

Plantarum rariorum horti caesarei Schoenbrunnensis descriptiones et icones
4 volumes, published 1797-1804

Selectarum stirpium Americanarum historia 
2 volumes, published 1763

These 11 beautiful volumes can be viewed at Rare Books from the Missouri
Botanical Garden Library, at

The site now includes over 2,500 illustrations and 20,000 pages from 57

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