a phenetic-cladistics saga (abridged) - was parapla ying (and bullies)

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Logic itself has some limitations. In books of logic, "inference" means
deduction. Not induction. Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but a
long-standing sophistical gimmick relies on deduction alone to prove a

Aquinas, according to Chesterton, promoted the idea that if you choose the
correct first principle, then all deductions must be correct. Ergo, all
dogma was rational and scientific. Note that induction and experimental
verification are absent. Is there a lesson?

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I don't believe too much in personalizing the evolution of scientific
thought. Bullying has strictly no chance against logics in the long run (I
hope so), we certainly have better uses for adrenalin, and possible
"reconciliation" should strictly be a matter of logics, not personal
feelings. Science is neither a democraty, nor a family circle.

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