Apology, was Re: genetic vs morphological trace of phylogeny

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Thu Apr 15 07:54:42 CDT 2004

At 09:47 2004-04-14, I wrote:

>Quoting off-list email on-list without permission of the sender is
>generally regarded to be in very bad taste, and in the United States is
>technically a violation of copyright law (although effectively
>unprosecutable). It seems you are in a minority in this case as well. :-)

I promised John a public apology if I had misconstrued his actions. He
assures me that I did, that he in fact had the permission of the
unidentified correspondent to post the passage to Taxacom. I apologize for
my accusation, and for impugning John's character in this manner.

I have decided that it is a waste of my time and John's to continue our
interchange about the meaning of cladistics, so I will no longer respond to
his posts on the issue.

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