Real Species

Roger roger at HYAM.NET
Thu Apr 15 11:15:22 CDT 2004

>Roger must not be aware how few people are actually doing Alpha taxonomy
>now, and how much of the earth remains relatively underexplored...  "IT"
>cannot get out there in the field, locate, collect, identify, and name
>those organisms for us.  "IT" does not pay for field trips.  "IT" does not
>take the time to study hundreds or thousands of specimens in order to
>determine whether or not a particular specimen is an undescribed
>taxon.  How can we have a database of all the organisms if not all of the
>organisms are named and understood?
If this hypothesis were correct then we would have finished in Europe (and
possibly USA). There would never be a species boundary debate again
concerning species in the Bristish Isles (possibly the best known flora in
the world).Sure the relationships of these species would change as we
discovered sister taxa from elsewhere in the world but the taxa themselves
would not.  Is this true? Are there never debates about Rubus or Taraxacum
or Salix hybrid complexes or....

As all species are absolute no such work should ever be funded again!
Problem solved but if we can't do it for our own back yards how are we going
to help people who have more complex and interesting back yards solve their

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