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There is a recent book (2003) on the subject, Robin, by an Australian
plant scientist, David Murray, called 'Seeds of concern' (UNSW Press;
ISBN 0 86840 460 8).

There is also a lengthy review of this book and subject by Paul Adam
(2004) in the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of NSW vol. 125:
329-332 - 'Admiral Doenitz's legacy. A review of the book "Seeds of
concern. The genetic manipulation of plants" by 
D.R. Murray (2003).' 

There are also transcripts of two 15 min. talk about GMOs by David
Murray on ABC Radio National's program Ockham's Razor at and

Karen Wilson

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Good Evening, Fellow Taxacomers,

If any of you see articles on GMOs, pro or con, could you please send
the article or the title to me?

The Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and the Alberta Institute
of Agrologists are considering a possible international level symposium
on this topic in about 2 years.  A suggested 
title is this:

The Ethics of GMOs.

I have just received the one on soya beans and Argentina involving

Robin Leech
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