Mayr on "What is a Species"

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An even later statement is found at

Mayr, E. 2000. The biological species concept. Pp. 17-29 in Q. D. Wheeler & R. Meier (eds.), Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory: a Debate. Columbia University Press: New York.

The Wheeler & Meier volume contains expositions and reciprocal critiques of a number of species concepts.  Much of the material is pertinent to the several parallel threads going on here now.  Indeed, some provide better responses than I can to comments posted in response to my small posting here a few days ago.

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Ken Kinman <kinman2 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
Dear All,
For those who have not read it yet, a paper by Ernst Mayr, 1996 (entitled "What is a Species, and What is Not?") might be of interest. Philosophy of Science, 63:262-277. Here is the abstract:

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