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pierre deleporte pierre.deleporte at UNIV-RENNES1.FR
Fri Apr 23 20:42:40 CDT 2004

A 13:19 23/04/2004 -0400, Ron Gatrelle wrote:
>  as a real individual I am only real in the now
>(regardless of the current phase). When I look at pictures (the record) of
>myself as a baby, teen, an old man I am not seeing the real me - just past
>(or future) stages _I_ pass through.

Exactly so
>  That which is real
>is always and only _now_ and _local_.


>What is wrong with the Biological Species Concept is that it should be
>called the Biological Subspecies Concept because that entity is the only
>"individual" group that is both now and local.

Given your previous statements, don't you think you're confusing here 
"subspecies" with "population" (only the population of effectively living 
beings is "now and local"). Dead members of what is abusively called the 
"same population" (the dead are no more now and local living beings) may 
belong to the same (sub) species. But shouldn't we clearly separate the 
"now and local" population from the classically non-now-and-local concept 
of a (sub)species?
You can confuse both terms, and you win for separating sub species from 
species. But at what cost...


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