Taxonomy for the twenty-first century

Nico Mario Franz nmf2 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Apr 29 14:30:43 CDT 2004

Taxonomy for the twenty-first century
The April 2004 issue of Philosophical Transactions series B contains
papers of a theme entitled Taxonomy for the twenty-first century, compiled
and edited by Charles Godfray & Sandy Knapp.

Taxonomy, the description and classification of living organisms, is a
science that underpins many areas of current biology.  Today it is
confronted with both challenges and opportunities: the challenges are the
every increasing competition for science funding, the opportunities are
new technologies and methodologies that assist the practice and
dissemination of systematics.  The volume contains a lively set of
articles that describe and debate the current ferment of ideas from which
a new 21st century taxonomy will emerge.  They are accompanied by a series
of short essays by Ed Wilson, Dan Janzen, Peter Crane, Bob May and Peter
Raven which describe their personal views of how the field should develop.

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