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>On no particular thread, but especially relevant to Phylocode enthusiasts (who would name every node on a cladogram - or if they didn't, would need to say why): may I quote a gem mined recently from the Chinese classic, "Tao Te Ching";
>Things have been given names from the beginning.
>We need to know when we have enough names:
>This is wisdom.
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>Tuz li munz est miens envirun
This translation is popular and published in many similar versions, but
like many translations of the bible, it might be completely wrong. For
another opinion, see, where it
When the Tao is divided,
there is a need for names,
for, like the block which is carved,
its parts then are seen.
By stopping in time
from torment and conflict,
strife is defeated, and danger averted.
The people then seek the wisdom of Tao,
just as all rivers flow to the great sea.
I must admit I do not understand what this means, but it does sound
different from the above version.

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