Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 2 15:11:44 CDT 2004

The original species retains the same date, even after transfer.  However, after transfer to another genus, the author and date are placed in parentheses.  If I understand your problem correctly, the second species would be a junior homonym (not a junior synonym).
       ---- Ken

Leah wrote:
     I have a question concerning publication date and priority.  If a species is originally described in one genus and is later transferred to another genus, is the date of publication of that particular name/combination considered to be the date of the original publication or the date of the transfer?  My problem arises when trying to establish priority when a second species with the same epithet was described in the second genus after the original publication of the first species but before the transfer.
Which name is valid and which becomes the junior synonym?  I've looked in the ICZN, but was unable to find the answer.

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