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The date of publication of the species is that of the original
combination if it otherwise is validly published.  [RG: This is because that
date is always attached to the species name regardless of the generic name
it was originally combined with.  It is valid even if the original genus
itself is invalid (as long as the other requirements of publication were
originally met.) The date is the date the introduction of  the species level
epithet came into availablilty.]

If the new combination makes the transferred species a junior homonym of
an older species in the new genus, then the younger [ earlier ] species (the
just transferred) would need a new name and would take date and
authorship from the new name.


When a junior homonym is created by this kind of taxonomic treatment, the
FIRST course of action is to see if the junior homonym has synonyms.  If so,
the oldest available synonym of the transferred species name becomes the
species name.  See 60.2

Ron Gatrelle

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