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Wed Aug 4 01:03:39 CDT 2004

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From: Michael A. Ivie
Subject: Chinese Insect collections

Dear Taxacomers,

I am trying to include Chinese collections in the material used for a
revision of the beetle genus Phellopsis (Zopheridae), but I am having
trouble knowing whom to write.

Does anyone have contact information and an e-mail address for curators
in the entomology collections at Department of Entomology
Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Beijing or the Shanghai Institute
of Entomology?

Also, if anyone has contacts for other entomology collections in China
that might have and loan beetle specimens from western and northern
China, I would greatly appreciate receiving them.



I'll pass this to the whole group as others may want this contact also.  Dr.
Chunsheng Wu is a lepidopterist with the Academy of Sciences in Beijing.   I
am sure he can point you in the right direction.  The following addresses
should still be good for Dr. Wu

  insect at

Chunsheng Wu
Institute of Zoology
Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100080

Ron Gatrelle

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