genetic tress and human evolution

Eugene Hall Eugene.Hall at COLORADO.EDU
Thu Aug 5 09:47:01 CDT 2004


The cockroaches and ants (and termites, beetles, etc..) have already won so
you can collect your money now!


>I won't try to contend Ron's philosophical perspective, but I would
>question his statement that "Humans are starkly unique from the other
>animals to such a degree one should ask why we alone veered so far off
>and so far ahead (or away) of everything else" as somewhat problematic
>and perhaps scientifically not very informative as I don't see that we
>have "veered so far off" in any objective way any more than anything
>else. And as far as being "so far ahead", I'm still placing my money on
>cockroaches and ants. Pity I may not be around to collect.
>John Grehan

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