Looking for material of Nietneria, a monocot from the Guianas

Vincent Merckx vincent.merckx at BIO.KULEUVEN.AC.BE
Fri Aug 6 11:41:13 CDT 2004

Dear all,

For a phylogenetic study on the monocot family Nartheciaceae, I am
looking for fresh, silica dried or recent herbarium material of the
flowering plant Nietneria corymbosa or Nietneria paniculata. Nietneria
is a perennial herb with a short rhizome and stiff, linear leaves. The
inflorescence consist of a loose terminal corymb. It can be found only
in the savannas and highlands of Venezuela and Guiana, where it is
fairly common. Pictures of Nietneria corymbosa can be found on
http://mobot.mobot.org/W3T/Search/vast.html. All previous attempts to
obtain leaf material of this plant were without succes, so I would
greatly appreciate any help. If you have further questions, please
don't hesitate to contact me.



Vincent Merckx
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