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John D. Oswald j-oswald at TAMU.EDU
Fri Aug 6 18:01:00 CDT 2004

Entomologists and terrestrial / freshwater arthropodologists

     I'm putting together a new course in Field Entomology for this fall
semester. We will be discussing the very diverse methods used to attract,
capture, collect, extract, etc. insects and non-marine arthropods from the
environment. I would like to get across to students the extreme diversity
of such devices/methods that are employed in this regard. With this in
mind, I am trying to build a set of digital images that illustrate these
techniques. I am interested in images of the devices/methods themselves
(photos or drawings), and of people using/employing them (field or lab
shots). Do you have some favorite images that you might be willing to
share? I'm particularly interested in unusual / oddball / specialized
techniques that might be used in specialized microhabitats or for
particular groups of insects/arthropods, but favorite shots of more common
techniques are also of interest (particularly those that might capture the
imagination of an undergraduate audience...). If the purpose and operation
of a devise/method is not readily apparent from the image (and I'm sure
that there are quite a few such ...), a short explanatory note would be
helpful. I would also appreciate pointers to web sites that provide good
illustrations of techniques used in various specialized fields or projects.
A quick web search did not reveal any sites that were particularly broad in
explaining and illustrating the known diversity of such techniques.

     So, let's see your memorable light traps, your pans and pitfalls, your
FIT's and all of the other's that I've never heard of! Respond to:
j-oswald at

John Oswald

P.S. As I expect that I might get requests to pass along some images,
please indicate whether posting on the web and/or image sharing is
acceptable for anything you might send.

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