Entomological Collections Network

Andrew Smith ASmith at MUS-NATURE.CA
Tue Aug 17 16:20:47 CDT 2004

Hello All,

Those of you who are interested in participating in the annual Entomological
Collections Network (ECN) meetings should be aware of the new website and
listserve dedicated to this organization.  Many of you were on the previous
mailing list for ECN and have already been added to ECN-L (you know who you
are because you would have already received a few messages).   Many other
attendees are not subscribed for various reasons, for example many email
addresses on file were outdated and many others were never added to the
official mailing list at previous meetings.  If you are not on ECN-L and
would like to subscribe, please visit the following website and follow the
simple directions:

<http://crcvms.unl.edu/htbin/wa?SUBED1=ECN-l&A=1> &A=1

The ECN website has also recently been launched by Webmaster Federico Ocampo
<focampo at unlserve.unl.edu>:


>From now on, information regarding ECN will be posted to ECN-L and to the
ECN website.  If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest
news, announcements, and information on upcoming meetings for the
Entomological Collections Network, please subscribe to the listserve and/or
check the website periodically.

The meeting this year will be in Salt Lake City from 12-14 November.  I hope
to see you all there!




Andrew B. T. Smith

Research Division, Canadian Museum of Nature

P.O. Box 3443, Station D

Ottawa, ON, K1P 6P4, CANADA

Phone: (613) 364-4070

E-mail: asmith at mus-nature.ca <mailto:asmith at mus-nature.ca>  or
asmith at unlserve.unl.edu <mailto:asmith at unlserve.unl.edu>

 JOIN SCARABS-L: http://crcvms.unl.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=scarabs-l
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