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  Le 23-08-2004, à 22:48 -0700, nous recevions de Paul Kirk :

>OK Jim, so you think registration is inherently evil, but how is your
>comprehensive indexing to be achieved when there is no requirement in the
>Codes that producers of names should advise the indexers that they have
>produced names? Only recently a series of nomenclatural novelties published
>after thorough taxonomic research were subsequently found to be in error
>because an obscure effective publication from a couple of decades earlier
>had remained effectively hidden from the world. Neither the producer of this
>publication and the names therein, nor at least one (prominent, in this
>case) taxonomist who obtained a copy of the publication, considered it
>relevant to inform the appropriate indexing centre of it's existence. This
>is all as a result of the taxonomic impediment you correctly identify in
>taxonomist themselves - it's what some taxonomist do, period. Perhaps there
>is a promised land somewhere in the future (GBIF?) and there the 'rightous'
>will prosper, but in the interim chaos reigns.

    « Quand on veut noyer sont chien, on l'accuse de la rage. »
(Proverbe français)

    Tout ceci (ce type de difficulté) n'est pas nouveau et fait partie
des difficultés qui apparaissent de temps en temps dans les meilleurs

    De plus... et même avant tout, si la publication est valide, c'est
qu'elle est effective (art. 32.1 a). Si elle est effective (art.
29-30), c'est donc que :

... this obscure publication was effected "by distribution of printed
matter (through sale, exchange, or gift) TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC OR AT

    Cette "obscure publication" étant effective n'était donc pas
"hidden from the world".

    Yours sincerely,

    Jacques Melot

>Paul M. Kirk
>CABI Bioscience
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>From: Jim Croft
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>Subject: Re: [TAXACOM] TurboTaxonomy?
>>  The "taxonomic impediment" will be alleviated when taxononmists are
>>  to do taxonomy and are adequately compensated for it.  All else is
>>  rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
>If you get more taxonomists and pay them more, all you will end up with
>more of the same...  which depending on you point of view might be a
>thing... or a bad thing...
>In my opinion we will always have a taxonomic impediment as long there
>taxonomists doing what taxonomists have always done...
>Without a change in mind set and a concerted commitment by taxonomists
>work together on or towards a single focussed global project, taxonomy
>taxonomists will continue to be their own impediments... it is just part
>of the human condition of many people working in multiple teams with
>diverse interests.
>But I must confess to being optimistic about it all. The large
>collaborative projects coming out of and arising from GBIF, etc. are all
>very encouraging.
>(Just to clarify Rich, I still regard registration as inherently evil -
>comprehensive indexing on the other hand is good and righteous... :)

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