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Tue Aug 24 15:22:38 CDT 2004

"Registration - indexing" and "lists of protected names" are two different
things. My understanding of NCUs is that they are not 100% "lists of
protected names". If I recall the Bacteriological Code served as the basic
model for the botanical proposal. We are quite happy to "revive" a name
which was not on our "list of protected names". Sounds like the "inherently
evil" element was of the two legged variety and not the principle itself.

At 10:09 24.8.2004 -0400, Susan Farmer wrote:
>> > (Just to clarify Rich, I still regard registration as inherently evil -
>> > comprehensive indexing on the other hand is good and righteous... :)
>> If done well, they are the same thing.
>My understanding of what registration was when it was vetoed at
>the IBC was that it took "names in current usage" and made them
>the baseline names.  You would have been completely unable to
>go back and resurrect a name that was not on that list -- and
>you couldn't re-create it either.
>Now, if you wanted to turn IPNI into a registration of sorts,
>then that's a whole 'nother ball of wax ...
>Susan Farmer
>sfarmer at goldsword.com
>Botany Department, University of Tennessee

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