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B.J.Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Wed Aug 25 16:46:04 CDT 2004

Due to difficulties experienced in the past the Bacteriological Code now
requires the deposit of types in two different collections in two different
countries. Access to types is further complicated by the fact that we may
be describing highly pathogeneic strains, where international arms embargos
etc would forbid their wide availability. Strains described within the
framework of patents are also a problems, and the most recent problem is
restrictions placed on the access to strains based on "material transfer
agreements" to prevent commercial exploitation of strains - bacterial
cultures are (unfortunately) viable and can be used commercial purposes.
However, in principle the Bacteriological Code is forcing deposit and
access to type material. We would do everything in our powers to counter
the type of restricted access which John Grehan describes.

At 16:20 25.8.2004 +0200, Paul van Rijckevorsel wrote:
>From: John Grehan <jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG>
>> I learned that in two instances the discoverers of holotype
>material were denying access to individuals who are seen to hold a
>different view about the significance or that material.
>I understand (and perhaps someone could verify) that access to holotypes is
>required under taxonomic Codes.
>+ + +
>Under the ICBN the granting of access is not a requirement for a name to be
>validly published. All the ICBN includes is a Recommendation:
>Recommendation 7A
>7A.1. It is strongly recommended that the material on which the name of a
>taxon is based, especially the holotype, be deposited in a public herbarium
>or other public collection with a policy of giving bona fide botanists open
>access to deposited material, and that it be scrupulously conserved.

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