100 ’s of Herbarium Specimen Cases Available

Mark Skinner mskinner at PO.NRCS.USDA.GOV
Fri Aug 27 11:46:31 CDT 2004

Hello all:

You may know that CAS (California Academy of Sciences) is being gutted and
rebuilt.  The existing herbarium cases will fall to the wrecking ball
within weeks, but if you act immediately you may be able to secure some
for your institution or private herbarium at nominal cost.  There are
dozens if not hundreds of compacter cases and 50 full size freestanding
cases; condition is excellent (I have seen pictures but do not seem to be
able to attach them to this mail).  Please contact Bob Middleton at (818)
266-5276 or bobm at cinnabar.com for more information (phone is preferred).
You can contact Con Magallon at conm at cinnabar.com for some pictures.
These cases will soon be twisted scraps of metal so move fast if

Mark Skinner
National Botanist
USDA-NRCS National Plant Data Center
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Baton Rouge, LA  70874

(225) 775-6280
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