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Wed Dec 1 12:03:04 CST 2004

With apologies for cross-posting:
Dear Colleagues, 

I am writing to announce another employment opportunity at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth, Texas.  

The Andes to Amazon Botany Program is looking for the right person to fill the full-time position of "IT Assistant - Web Designer & Developer".  

Please post this job description (below) or forward to your students to let them know that we are interested in hiring someone as soon as possible during December 2004 - January 2005.  The job pays a full-time salary, but the starting level will depend on the qualifications of the individual applicant.

For more information, please contact me at jjanovec at  Thanks for your time and help!

Best regards,

John Janovec
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
509 Pecan St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102


JOB TITLE: IT Assistant - Web Designer & Developer, Andes to Amazon Botany Program, Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)


STARTING DATE:  December 2004 - January 2005


FUNCTION:  Acts as IT assistant with focus on web design and development for the Andes to Amazon Botany Program at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas under direct supervision of the Project Director and Project Manager.




·        Works with Project Director and staff to design and develop bilingual project website

·        Works with GIS and database programmers on frontend web design and development 

·        Manages and updates project website, working closely with Project Director and staff

·        Communicates well and regularly with BRIT network consultants to assure constant success of network and server administration for the project

·        Assists in management and deployment of project database(s)

·        Assists in design and deployment of online transaction and reporting tools

·        Assists in graphic needs of the project, such as image processing, slide design, and page design and layout for digital and print publication

·        Investigates and implements innovative web application tools and technologies that will help advance all outcomes of the project

·        Trains and supports project staff and assistants in web applications and publication

·        Communicates IT protocol, plans, and progress to project staff, institutional administrators, and collaborating partners

·        Resolves IT problems that could otherwise cause a decrease in productivity, loss of data, or downtime on the project website

·        Assists in basic IT and computer needs of the project

·        Performs other duties as requested by the Project Director and Project Manager


QUALIFICATIONS:  At least a B.S. or B.A. degree, preferably with some training and/or experience in computers and bioinformatics.  Demonstrated experience and accomplishments in web development, design, and publication - send links to portfolio.  Required web programming:  HTML, XML, CSS, XSL, Javascript, ASP, and SQL.  Ability to contribute to innovative page design and layout for digital and print publications of the project.  Basic multimedia beneficial, i.e., Flash, video-streaming, online video conferences.  Must work well with multidisciplinary team and have strong verbal and written communication skills.  Ability to travel to South America and some knowledge of the Spanish language are necessary.  Also beneficial if the applicants have some understanding of and appreciation for the biological sciences, biodiversity, botany, natural history, and related subjects, as well as conservation.


Please send the following application materials to Janeth Randall at jrandall at <mailto:jrandall at>  or The Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 509 Pecan St., Fort Worth, Texas, 76102: 

1.      Detailed Curriculum Vitae 
2.      Links to portfolio of previous and ongoing work 
3.      Contact information for three professional references

A one-page written statement of purpose that describes your interests, experiences, qualifications, and future aspirations

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