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A large number of authors (literature & Internet) simply define the peduncle as
'the stalk of an inflorescence', not specifying whether the peduncle has to be
considered as an integral part of that inflorescence or as a part of the stem
not belonging to the inflorescence. Fewer references make explicit statements
and list the peduncle as a part of the inflorescence (1) or, on the contrary, as
to be excluded from the inflorescence (2) . Although both these opinions
obviously coexist nobody seems to feel the need to provide 'evidence' for
his/her point of view. I have no idea what the majority of you thinks. And I
would be very pleased to hear some of the arguments by which you support your

Peduncle: the stalk of an inflorescence, i.e. that 'part of' the axis of an
inflorescence below the insertion of any flowers or inflorescence branches.

(2) Glossary WEBERLING 1981 (L. 1751: 40)
Peduncle: the stalk of an inflorescence; a more or less extended internode
'preceding' the inflorescence.

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