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> A large number of authors (literature & Internet) simply define the
peduncle as
> 'the stalk of an inflorescence', not specifying whether the peduncle has
to be
> considered as an integral part of that inflorescence or as a part of the

In most cases the naked portion of the inflorescence (peduncle) and the
inflorescence axis (portion bearing the flowers) are continuous and
obviously represent the same structure i.e a modified branch. A peduncle can
be best interpreted as the elongated first internode of the branch
(inflorescence) on the flowers are borne. In the same way the pedicel is the
first elongated internode of the branch modified into a flower, except in
those cases where bracteoles are present. In latter  case both first and the
second internode are elongated.
A scape differes from a peduncle in that where as the peduncle arises from
the aerial branches of a plant, a scape arises from basal rosette of the
leaves and represents the first aerial  internode which has been elongated
before the production of flowers starts on the inflorescence.
A pedicels is the first elongated internode of a simple branch where as the
peduncle as first elongated internode of a branch system (compound branch).

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