Inflorescence - Peduncle

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Mon Dec 6 11:06:26 CST 2004

Curtis Clark wrote:My general tendency is to call everything basal to the
pedicels and

> terminal to the first foliage-leaf-bearing node the peduncle, but it's
> worth noting that the stalk of a grass spikelet, tecnically a peduncle,
> is usually called a pedicel.

If the stalk of the individual spikelet is a pedicel, then what is the stalk
of the entire inflorescence?  And, what about grasses that have
single-flowered spikelets, e.g., Zizania?  Is the stalk of the spikelet then
a pedicle and the stalk of the inflorescence a peduncle?

A grain of wisdom would come in handy about now.


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