Inflorescence - Peduncle

Guido at Guido at
Mon Dec 6 17:16:54 CST 2004

> Thomas G. Lammers wrote:

> But the point remains, it *is* a stem,
> not a root or leaf.

What you mean is obviously that the peduncle is of stem 'nature' (as you pointed
out there are just 2 other possibilities).
Apart from that, stem, peduncle, rachis, inflorescence... are also 'spatial'
structures. And when you want to put their measurements in a database you have
to know what to measure. And it would be nice if we all would measure it the
same way...:-)

BTW, this seems to be an intriguing topic. No one of all those who answered so
far (some also off list) uses the same definition!

Guido Mathieu

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