Inflorescence - Peduncle

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This issue is a very old chestnut:

Unless people suscribe to a shared terminology (i.e. agree shared  definitions of  structures, states, measurement units etc.) they will never be able to share  and compare data meaningfully.

We have a paper coming out in Taxon soon about this, and a rather more technical/computer modelling paper available online:

Paterson, T., Kennedy, J.B., Pullan, M.R., Cannon, A., Armstrong, K., Watson, M.F., Raguenaud, C., McDonald, S.M., Russell, G.: A Universal Character Model and Ontology of Defined Terms for Taxonomic Description. Proc. Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS 2004) (ed. E. Rahm) in: Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics 2994 (2004) pp63-78

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>Curtis Clark wrote:My general tendency is to call everything 
>basal to the
>pedicels and
>> terminal to the first foliage-leaf-bearing node the 
>peduncle, but it's
>> worth noting that the stalk of a grass spikelet, tecnically 
>a peduncle,
>> is usually called a pedicel.
>If the stalk of the individual spikelet is a pedicel, then 
>what is the stalk
>of the entire inflorescence?  And, what about grasses that have
>single-flowered spikelets, e.g., Zizania?  Is the stalk of the 
>spikelet then
>a pedicle and the stalk of the inflorescence a peduncle?
>A grain of wisdom would come in handy about now.
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