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Dr. Rodger Evans rodger.evans at ACADIAU.CA
Mon Dec 6 12:26:22 CST 2004

M.Sc. opportunity to study comparative floral development and reproductive
biology in an endangered species (Helianthemum canadense) at Acadia

Helianthemum canadense is an endangered plant species in Nova Scotia that
uses two very distinct modes of reproduction to produce seed in the same
season. This project, beginning in April 2005, will involve the use of
specialized microscopy techniques (paraffin and resin embedding and
sectioning; scanning electron microscopy) to study comparative floral
development, and associated changes in reproductive biology, in
chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers of Helianthemum canadense. The
successful candidate must be willing and able to carry out some
independent field research at a site approximately 60 km from Acadia
University. The candidate should also be willing to travel and obtain
specimens from other remote sites (e.g., northeast USA). A stipend of
$15000 CDN per year will be made available for two years. Please send a
cover letter, CV and two letters of reference (preferably from
undergraduate supervisors) to:

Rodger Evans
Biology Department
Acadia University
24 University Ave.
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

phone: 902-585-1710
fax: 902-585-1059
e-mail: rodger.evans at

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