Positions at the Swedis Museum of Natural History

Elin Sigvaldadottir Elin.Sigvaldadottir at NRM.SE
Thu Dec 9 11:41:31 CST 2004

The Swedish Museum of Natural History has openings for two professors in the Museum's Research Department

--Professor of Entomology, Reg. no. 43-355/2004
--Professor of Invertebrate Zoology, Reg. no. 43-356/2004

Entomological (including arachnological) and invertebrate zoological research at the Museum emphasizes taxonomy, systematics and phylogeny. In addition to large scientific collections, the Research Division has excellent departmental libraries and modern laboratories. Each professor will be expected to provide leadership and develop their own research program. He/she will also have responsibility for the collections in his/her area. Encouraging public and governmental interest in the Museum's research and collections is also an important responsibility. Both positions carry some obligation for university teaching.  

The Research Division is currently undergoing reorganization. Each position may also include assignment as administrative head of department, with responsibility for budget and personnel.  

 The successful applicant will:
-- have demonstrated scientific excellence in his/her field
-- be able to create a strong research environment
-- have strong potential to obtain external support for research
-- have experience and interest in maintaining scientific collections
-- be an excellent teacher
-- have experience in supervising student research
-- be interested in activities outside the Museum and be able to popularize science
-- be able to work well with others

Interest and experience in administration and management will also be important. The working language at the Museum is Swedish. The Museum has the goal of equality in employment and welcomes women as applicants.

The application should include:
The applicant's qualifications, including a complete list of publications
The applicant's most relevant publications (at most 10)
A brief report of the applicant's current research, teaching, and work in popular science
An account of the applicant's experience in collections work and maintenance
Documentation of the applicant's administrative and managerial experience
A brief statement of vision

For further information contact the Director of Research, Prof. Stefan Claesson, the Associate Director of Research, Dr. Mari Källersjö, SACO-S representative Kerstin Alm Kübler, or ST-Kultur representative Marie Svensson (tel. 5195 4000).  

The application should be written in English.  

The application and all supporting materials should be submitted in quadruplicate, no later than 28 January 2005 to:

Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm
The Museum's goal is to disseminate knowledge of nature and its diversity. Our mission is to be a center of knowledge and a meeting-place for both experts and the public. Our activities are based on our scientific collections, which include over nine million specimens. The majority of our 240 staff work in the Research Department. Research at the Museum follows four themes: The Changing Earth, Ecosystems and Evolution, Biodiversity, and Man and the Environment. Our exhibits and Cosmonova offer new experiences and discoveries to our visitors, and every year it is our pleasure to welcome over 700,000 visitors of all ages. We value quality, openness, clear organization and our sense of common purpose. Sharing our knowledge gives us motivation and inspiration in our daily our work.

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