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Conference information and registration material is now available for the 2nd Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society at  The conference will be held 5-9 January, 2005 at the US National Conservation Training Center ( in West Virginia, 75 miles from Washington, DC.  The theme of IBS 2005 will be Conservation Biology.  The conference will be organized around poster presentations and five symposia: 

  a.. Geography of Extinctions
  (Sandy Harcourt, Mark Ritchie, Terry Root, David Steadman, and John Terrell) 
  b.. Biogeography and Ecological Impacts of Human Civilizations
  (G. Ceballos, Rob Channell, David Jablonski, Stuart Pimm, and Hartmut Walter) 
  c.. Biogeography of Exotic Species
  (George Gilchrist, Matt McGlone, Julian Olden, Petr Pysek, and Dov Sax) 
  d.. Geography of Parasites and Infectious Diseases
  (Dan Brooks, Eric Hoberg, J.F. Guegan, Uriel Kitron, and Leslie Real) 
  e.. Biogeographic Responses to Global Change
  (Jim Clark, David Currie, Lesley Hughes, Camille Parmesan, and Felisa Smith)

A workshop on historical biogeography will be held on January 5, oral and poster presentations on January 6-8, and an optional field trip on January 9 for a behind the scenes tour of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


Please visit the website for a detailed program, information on registration and accommodations, or information about joining the society.


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