Pine cones

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Since your subject is pines, a response to your query is simple:

(female or seed-, etc..) strobil(e)(us)(i) (the technical term) and
-cone(s) or cone(let[s]) are interchangable, just as are (male or
pollen-, etc...) strobilus and -cone(let[s]).

One of the simplest definitions to be found on the net for any of the
terms 'cone, or strobilus, or strobile' is: 'a cone-shaped mass of
ovule- or  spore-bearing scales or bracts.


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Gurcharan Singh schrieb:

> Dear members
> While edting the English translation of a Book in Russian on productivivity of Pines I find diverse use of terms like strobilus, female strobilus, male strobilus Cone. It cunfuses  more when female strobilus and cone are used together in the same sentence. Can any colleague throw some light.
> cheers
> Gurcharan Singh
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