Order Primates (classification)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Dec 14 21:13:55 CST 2004

Dear All,
     I was just going to expand my classification a bit to include basal Anthropoids, and I ended up doing ALL the primates to family level.  I inserted three major intermediate taxa (suborders, if you will), of which Proprimates (= Plesiadapiformes) is obviously paraphyletic.  It seems like a tripartite subdivision of larger taxa is becoming a common theme, but that's just the way they seem to often end up when I'm looking for balance, stability, and usefulness.  Note that I also have added genus Khoratpithecus as sister group to Pongo.  It was named early this year (when I was preoccupied with angiosperm evolution and classification), and I just missed it until now.  My bad.
    ----- Cheers,
                Ken Kinman

ORDER PRIMATES (sensu lato)

  1 Proprimates% (plesiadapiforms)
       1  Purgatoriidae
       2  Plesion Pandemonium
       3  Micromomyidae
       4  Paromomyidae
       ?  Picromomyidae
       5  Palaechthonidae
       6  Picrodontidae
       7  Microsyopidae
       8  Plesiadapidae
       9  Carpolestidae
      10  {{Euprimates}}
          (= Strepsirhini + Haplorhini)

 _1_ Strepsirhini
       1  Notharctidae
       2  Plesiopithecidae
       3  Galagonidae
       B  Loridae
       4  Daubentoniidae
       5  Cheirogaleidae
       6  Megaladapidae
       7  Indriidae (sensu lato)
       8  Lemuridae

  2  Haplorhini (tarsiforms & anthropoids)
       1  Omomyidae
       B  Microchoeridae
       2  Tarsiidae
       3  Afrotarsiidae
       4  Eosimiidae
       5  Amphipithecidae
       B  Parapithecidae
       C  Atelidae
       D  Cebidae
       6  Cercopithecidae
       7  Propliopithecidae
       8  Pliopithecidae
       9  Proconsulidae
       ?  Oreopithecidae
      10  Hylobatidae
      11  Pongidae% (sensu lato)
            1  Dryopithecus
            ?  Ouranopithecus
            2  Lufengpithecus
            B  Sivapithecus
            C  Khoratpithecus
            D  Pongo
            3  Gorilla
            ?  Samburupithecus
            4  Pan
            5  Sahelanthropus
            6  Orrorin
            B  Ardipithecus
            7  {{Hominidae}}
     _a_  Hominidae
            1  Australopithecus% (sensu lato)
           _a_ Homo
NOTES:  Haplorhini includes: (1) the paraphyletic Tarsiiformes (first four families), (2) the intermediate family Eosimiidae, (3) the Platyrrhini (Amphipithecidae to Cebidae), and (4) the Catarrhini (everything else, i.e. Clade 6+).  Whether one wants to restrict the clade "Anthropoidea" to just (Platyrrhini + Catarrhini), or expand it to include Eosimiidae, is optional given this topology.

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