2004 GBIF seed money awards

Meredith A. Lane mlane at GBIF.ORG
Fri Dec 17 13:07:09 CST 2004

Dear Colleagues,

The GBIF Secretariat is pleased to announce the 2004 seed money awards
in the DIGIT and ECAT programmes.  For information about the awards and
a listing (with abstracts) of each, please visit  WWW.GBIF.ORG, or go
specifically to the articles about each programme, as follows:

Seed money awards, DIGIT programme:
Seed money awards, ECAT programme:

The GBIF Secreatariat sends our best wishes to you and yours for the
holiday season!
Meredith A. Lane, PhD
Public & Scientific Liaison
GBIF Secretariat (+45 3532 1470)
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
mlane at gbif.org
www.gbif.org <http://www.gbif.org>
www.gbif.net <http://www.gbif.org>

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