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In my work with the vascular plant genus Castilleja, I've been unable
to locate any type material for a Guatemalan endemic, Castilleja
tapeinoclada Loes., and associated synonyms. The types were collected
by E. G. Seler, whose primary set at B was evidently destroyed in
World War II. This is indicated in Taxonomic Literature and confirmed
by recent correspondence with B. Taxonomic Lit also says  "duplicates
extant" and lists "further material" from Seler's collections at "A,
CAS, DS, F, GH, K, MEXU, MO, NY, US". However, despite searching in
the collections of several of these herbaria, I have been unable to
locate ANY Seler collections from Guatemala, and no type material is
listed in any of the on-line type databases I've seen.

So, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with any information as to:

1. the location of Seler's duplicate collections in general

2. the location of the specific type collections I hope to review
(listed below).

3. The specific dates/year(s) Seler collected in  Depts.
Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

The collection data for the relevant names is listed below, as
extracted from Loesener's protologue in Bull. Herb. Boiss. Ser. 2, 3:
285-286, 1903:

1. Castilleja tapeinoclada Loes. and C. tapeinoclada Loes. var. subglabra Loes.
Seler 2357, s.d., "Hab. in Guatemala, in dept. Quezaltenango (sic) in
pratis alpinis supra Totonicapam in 3000 m. altitud." Note: Loesener
curiously applies the name "var subglabra" to his "alpha' variety,
apparently intending it as the "typical" form of the species. In any
case, only one collection number is mentioned for both names.

2. Castilleja tapeinoclada Loes. var. hirta Loes.
Seler 2933, s.d., "Hab. in Guatemala, in dept. eodem in pratis
alpinis ad Ziha in 2840 m. altitud."

3. Castilleja katakyptusa Loes
Seler 2750, s.d., Hab. in Guatemala, in dept. Huehuetenango in pratis
et silvestribus in jugo montium inter Todos los Santos et Chiantla in
3000 m altitud."

Thanks very much in advance for any information!

Mark Egger, WTU

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