Building SpeciesBanks: How Should We Shape the Future?

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Mon Dec 27 16:08:42 CST 2004

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Building SpeciesBanks: How Should We Shape the Future?*/
2--4 March 2005, Amsterdam

Co-sponsored by GBIF, NL-BIF, ETI and the University of Amsterdam, this
will be a workshop on shaping the future: What are speciesbanks and what
should they become? What are the best pathways for developing them? This
workshop is NOT by invitation only, but space is limited, so please
register during January!

To see more information about the workshop and its purpose, please see
the article on the GBIF Communications Portal, at

To register, please go to

GBIF has a limited amount of  funding available to subsidise the costs
of attending this workshop for persons from developing countries.  If
you are in this category, please follow the instructions on the
registration website.

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