Ball Words and a new genus species of English Phraseology

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on 2004-12-27 15:10 Jan Bosselaers wrote:
> I also thaught about one in Spanish: "el vino vino demasiado tarde"

El pasó en el paso. (It happened in the pass.) No, I know it doesn't
meet Robin's Rules of Order.

And that brings to mind a whole genre of place names, that might be
called English-Spanish reduplication. Here in southern California,
places are often given part-Spanish place names (such as Hacienda
Street) to seem quaint. In the Imperial Valley is a town called El
Centro, which has a strip mall called "The El Centro Center". (Perhaps
in Mexicali across the border is "El The Center Centro".) Following on
this model, we might have a housing development, Casa de Homes, just
south of the Carretera Freeway at the corner of Camino Road and Avenida
Avenue, and it goes downhill from there.

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