Offtopic (earthquakes, not taxonomy)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 31 17:57:34 CST 2004

Thanks Floyd,
      That is what I was wondering---whether even more very large (8.0+) earthquakes in the southeastern Asian region might be expected during the coming weeks.  It just seems to me that under some circumstances a significant amount of energy could be transferred to other areas where it could accelerate slippage to create earthquakes that might not have otherwise occurred for years or decades.  I'm just wondering over what distances large amounts of energy could be transmitted through the crust of a large plate.

     And I haven't found any maps that show the boundary between the Indian and Australian plates to see if that boundary passes anywhere close to Sumatra.  The hypothesis that they are two separate plates is relatively recent, but I thought at least some internet sites would have maps showing the proposed boundary.  Maybe I can find some over the weekend.

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