Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 11 22:08:49 CST 2004

Dear All,
      I thought I'd take advantage of free access to Zoological Record online, and was surprised to see "Numericlature" as one of their Subject Headings.  This approach to nomenclature was discussed back in the 1960's, especially after Hennig's book was printed in English, but never taken very seriously for general purpose classifications.
      But I guess you could consider the Kinman System a sort of synergistic fusion of "Alphanumericlature" with traditional Linnean nomenclature.  At least that seems a good way of putting it into a broad historical context.   It just always seemed to me like a very workable compromise between too many numbers and too many names.   :-)
                 ---- Cheers,
                           Ken Kinman

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