Ecuador locality thanks + birrameous appendages.

Atilano Contreras-Ramos acontreras_ramos at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 6 15:53:25 CST 2004


Just a quick note to say thanks to several useful replies about the location
of "Sliquino" in Ecuador (a name used by the Spanish entomologist Navas).
Most likely it corresponds to Rio Lliquino, in Pastaza.

Changing subject (and beforehand, apologies for my ignorance as an
entomologist), it is well known that insects have unirrameous locomotory
appendages (as Myriapoda), but are maxillary palps in insects birrameous?
Thanks in advance!

Atilano Contreras-Ramos, Ph.D.
Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas
Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Apdo. Postal 1-69, Plaza Juarez
Pachuca, Hidalgo 42001

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