nomenclatural question

J Betts jimbetts at XTRA.CO.NZ
Tue Feb 10 15:17:15 CST 2004

"Does anyone on the list know of any other examples where a plant name
ending in -oides is based on the name of an inanimate object, not a  plant
or animal?" (John Grehan)

Stearn's Botanical Latin (p301 of my 4th ed. copy) gives one example of the
Greek adjectival suffix "-oides" for an inanimate object.
One is "arachnoides", from "like a spider's web".
Presumably there is a Linnaean binomial that incorporates this example?
I guess though that this is an animal derived product, which might not be
quite what is being asked for.
Stearn has quite a lot to say about this suffix, the references inside his
book, being easily found.

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