nomenclatural question

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Tue Feb 10 07:33:25 CST 2004

At 01:44 AM 2/9/04, John Grehan wrote:
>I am posting this on behalf of Michael Heads who recently noticed the
>publication of a new species named Coprosma elatirioides in the New
>Zealand Journal of Botany. In botany a name ending in -oides indicates a
>perceived resemblance to another plant or animal, but a plant dictionary
>failed to reveal any name for Elatirium. When the paper was rechecked he
>saw the plant was actually named after elatirium, Greek for 'spring' (the
>plant is springy).  Does anyone on the list know of any other examples
>where a plant name ending in -oides is based on the name of an inanimate
>object, not a plant or animal? Mike would be interested to know.

I don't suppose the recently described Peperomia hobbitoides T. Wendt counts?

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