Linne or Linnaeous?

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
Thu Feb 12 12:31:45 CST 2004

In case the French is a problem, here the same facts in English:

The great Linnaeus was born as the son of Linnaeus and had a son called Linnaeus (Linnaeus being the family name). He was elevated into the nobility and, as such, got a coat-of-arms and the name of Carl von Linné. 

According to the biography by Wilfrid Blunt this elevation happened in 1761 ( Jacques Melot notes that it was passed by the Swedish parliament in 1762). According to Blunt it was antedated 1757 (Jacques Melot notes that Linnaeus started calling himself "von Linné" on 20 November 1756).

Mostly when referring to things "of Linnaeus" the term Linnaean is used, but note "The Linnean Society" (

In names under the ICZN both spellings appear to be used: "linnei" and "linnaei", also "linneanus" and "linnaeanus". As far as I understand the ICZN the "original spelling" is to be used, i.e. the publishing author sets the spelling.

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