Linne or Linnaeous?

W.Wuster w.wuster at BANGOR.AC.UK
Thu Feb 12 13:00:18 CST 2004

>    Selon les critères anglo-saxons, peut-être, mais les critères
> anglo-saxons n'ont pas une portée universelle. Désolé d'avoir à vous
> ramener les pieds sur terre, mais, comme on dit, politesse pour
> politesse.

Language is in the first instance about communication.

While I agree with your point on the importance of preserving cultural 
and linguistic diversity, I would also strongly suspect that more 
TAXACOM readers can read English than French. Since the list exists to 
communicate ideas, and since this communication happens by means of 
language, it seems to me fairly pointless to deliberately use a language 
that is only understood by a subset of readers (although nobody will 
deny you the right to do so if you wish).

Language evolved to communicate and to unite us, not to divide us, so 
let's use it accordingly to maximise communication (and I speak as a 
non-Anglo-Saxon who has enjoyed learning a number of languages, 
including French, while living and working in various countries).

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